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:roll :dance: :roll HELLO everybody!! Now I'm sure you'll be able to tell.......I am soooo happy.........I got the job!! I have just found out I have got a graduate nurse position, starting February 2003! Now... Read More

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    Congratulations!! What a way to start the new year!! And good luck on your boards! :hatparty:

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    I'm a few days late, but

    CONGO RATS!!:hatparty:
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    Good for you! I know you must be VERY excited!
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    Congrats all the best of luck to you
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    Congratulations!!! I would be happy too! I was very happy when I got my CNA position. I Imagine I will be VERY happy when I get a job as a nurse!
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    Way to go. Finals will be a piece of cake, now that you are so close. Hang in there.

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    Congradulations ! Way to Go

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