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I just bought all the required books for my nursing course called Basic Clinical Competencies. All my books cost me freakkin' $512! Anyway, I got this book in my Taylor Fundamentals of Nursing package that is 2.5 inches thick and... Read More

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    I believe most nursing students feel this way. I sure did. The good news is that you will not have to memorize or even read every jot and tittle. Consider them references (although you might end up reading a lot). It is a little overwhelming, then some facts get repeated and repeated and first thing you know, the words and concepts are stored in your head! The good thing about worrying is that now I know you are interested in doing your best. That alone is a great attribute for a nurse.

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    Just like everyone else has said, these feelings are completely normal! I was very anxious about my first semester too! Don't let yourself get overwhelmed! The semester does require a lot of hard work, but it is extremely fun! (I honestly wasn't expecting it to be really hands-on and actual 'nursing' activities, but I was WRONG! ) I LOVED my fundamentals class! In my program we use the fundamentals book throughout the entire program, so don't let that get you down. Take a break and enjoy your summer, you don't have too many left!
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    you are not alone i feel the same way you do. after months of wondering if i got into my program then finding out i was accepted, then waiting another 3 months to find out more details about the program , to now a couple months away from school starting and still not knowing much im also anxious and a bit lost. but in the end im so happy and excited about starting school and im sure after a few weeks we will not even have time to be anxious. it will all pay off in the end remember that
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    I'm feeling that way too! My program starts this August and it is only a 16 month concentrated course...you are not allowed to work and will be reprimanded if caught. I also heard horror stories and talked to people who have been booted for not making the grades. I hope that the pre-start jitters are worse than it acutally is.

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