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Hurst Review..... (New Book?)

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    I'm still in Nursing school with about a year left. I really like the Hurst Review book and have heard great things about it. I really want to purchase it now, prior to graduating, so I can get an idea of reviewing for the NCLEX. I already have the Saunders and HESI book. My question is that the publication date of the current book is 2008. I graduate in 2011, so I'm wondering if anybody knows how frequently Hurst comes out with new books. Should I wait to purchase one next year (if they have a new one) or go ahead and get this one?

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    If you have not already bought the book I would wait and see if they come out with a new book. NCLEX changed the test as of April 1 and I know that Hurst is revising their review so I would think they will have a revised book as well.
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    i agree with the first person