How to get a nursing application together, organized, and on top of it?

  1. This is my first post, im excited to try this, my question is, yesterday i went to a nursing information meeting and what caught my attention was when the professor said "the students who usally get accepted are the first ones who turn in the application, they have to have the application together, organized, and on top of it"

    What are some advice or tips of getting my application like this? certain folder?, typed? etc. any advice helps thanks!(:
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  3. by   patiently-waiting
    Im wondering the samething. Although I dont think they look at any applications until they close the posting. So nerve racking
  4. by   jess1029
    I know it freaks me out! I mean right now i try to be on top of it do research learn more you know, I actualy applying next spring but i defenitly want to send my application early , but i just need more advice on getting it together to make it stand out .
  5. by   FurBabyMom
    Check with the admissions office at the school and/or the nursing department at the school. Most schools have a list of criteria and requirements. They should be able to give a more detailed answer about specifics to the application process. Where I went to college - (BSN program), about half our class was direct entry to the nursing program that included additional criteria above and beyond the regular admissions criteria with stipulations regarding classes and grades the first year (non-nursing). We then had a very informal "application" to submit mid-spring of the year we wished to begin nursing classes (because we were all already admitted to the school, they had access to everything they needed...). Based on the information you are given, you then plan to have everything completed and submitted as soon as possible relative to when they begin accepting applications.

    I would definitely type any documents that can be typed - even the people with the best handwriting have days things are not as legible as possible. So yes, type. Anything you have to submit needs to be checked for grammar, spelling, punctuation and formatting (I've had some issues with things not getting formatted correctly when I attempt to upload them online or to print depending...).

    Best wishes and good luck!
  6. by   BeansMama
    Read everything! On the application that is! I was accepted however when I turned in my transcripts I forgot to put my beauty school education on there. (I forgot because I didn't really consider beauty school real schooling, but it is) The admissions lady reamed me about how it was false information and that if it had been a job I would not have been hired. A little harsh but she was right. READ everything BEFORE you sign that dotted line!