How many semesters are clinicals? How many semesters are clinicals? | allnurses

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How many semesters are clinicals?

  1. 0 I take by first RN class next semester. thx

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    Depends on the program. I went through a BSN program and for our sophomore year, we had one clinical/semester. First semester was Fundamentals 1 and we were primarily in LTCs; second semester was Fundamentals 2 where we progressed to the hospital setting.

    Afterwards (junior and senior years), we had two clinical rotations per semester, each class about 8 weeks in length.
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    My 2 year nursing program (ADN) has clinicals every semester. We started about a month after we entered. They will each last about 3/4 months.
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    I'm in an ADN program and we have 1 clinical course each semester. Program is 4 semesters.