How many credit hours did you take during your pre-admission semesters? (pre-req's)

  1. Hi everyone, I'm new here & this is my first post I'm currently in the CNA course which is a prerequisite requirement for the nursing program at my community college. I will be finishing the course on Dec 7, & starting spring semester in January. I have a lot of pre-reqs so there will be 2 pre-admission semesters AT LEAST. I'm going to try to be accepted into the nursing program in Spring of 2013. (Fall of 2012 if I can since I will be taking the summer semester as my 2nd pre-req sem) This semester coming up I plan to be working as a CNA & I'm also a single mom which is a full-time job in itself. I was going to take Human Bio (4cr + lab), Freshman Rht & Comp (3cr), Algebra&Geo1(5cr), & Intro to Psych (3cr). They are all offered online so that is what I was going to do. I only will have to go one day a month to the Bio labs, & then make it to campus for the midterms & finals which I think is pretty do-able. The problem is, is 15 credit hours online too much??? If I take 15 hours now, then I will only have 8 to take next semester, where I will take another math class to still be considered a full-time student for financial aid. What credit hours did you/are you taking your pre-admission semesters? any single moms out there with a little support system that can help??

    thanks so much!!!!
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  3. by   Despareux
    Wow, we had 56 credit hours worth of classes to take before we could even apply. Sounds like a fair program you're going into.

    I think I would split it up evenly or even spread it out an extra sememster. Getting those prerequisite A's really matter when applying for nursing school, so why risk it; especially with being a single mom and little support.
  4. by   pc2801
    I had a BA degree, so I only had fewer pre-reqs to complete. I took 14 credits (4 classes + 2 labs) in the fall and 8 (2 classes + 2 labs) in the spring. Fall I took: Nutrition, Development across the lifespan, A&P I w/Lab, Chem I w/Lab.
    Spring I took A&P 2 w/Lab and Microbiology w/Lab.

    I applied for fall entrance to the RN program during the spring term but with pre-reqs in progress and such a competitive applicant pool I had to wait until the classses were complete and re-apply. I took a pharmacology course over the summer. It is a first semester nursing course at both schools I was applying to. One allows you to take it before being admitted while the other school does not. I probably will have to repeat the course because the school I am attending probably will not transfer the credits, but I feel like I will have a jump start on the class. I am not taking any classes this semester, I had planned on challenging the CNA and looking for part-time/PRN work, but had an accident in August so now my "job" is PT rehab so that I will be able to pass the entrance physical for school starting in January.