How to guarantee study time?

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    Finals are around the corner, what do you do guarantee study time?

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    I turn off the tv and close my door!!
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    Yes, I hide in my room with the door closed and locked to keep the kids out. They still yell through the door. haha

    One time, I took the teenager and his friends to a movie. While they watched the movie, I went 2 doors down to Starbucks and studied there for the length of the movie. When I got too cold (the AC was really cranked up), I studied in the car. The younger kids stayed home with Dad. It worked out surprisingly well.

    I'll be switching jobs soon and able to work off hours so I hope to study during the day while the kids are in school.
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    i go to the library without my phone or computer. No one can distract me!
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    I turn off my computer and the tv. I might even unplug them. Plus, I close the door to keep the dogs out.