How does your program teach/evaluate injections? - page 2

I was perusing another nursing forum and stumbled on a discussion about how programs handle injections during skills labs and evaluations. My skills group has a practice lab where we practice drawing... Read More

  1. by   BookishBelle
    We aren't allowed to practice shots on each other. I kind of wish we could do at least one to see what it feels like before doing it for real!
  2. by   lola kitty
    We practice on dense sponges (the kind found in the auto department at Walmart). We demonstrate our skills for subcu, IM, and ID for return demo. Then, we will give our first real injections to patients on clinical days. I'd appreciate the flu-shot clinic approach very much, though. The idea of putting a needle in the skin is a bit off-putting to me and doing it a few times in advance, in a safe site like the deltoid, would eliminate this initial fear. This would allow me to focus on the proper injection technique, itself, when caring for my patient.
  3. by   FuturePsychNP21
    We practiced on each other in my program but only for intradermal (PPD) placements. No one was forced to participate but if you didn't give your arm to someone else you also didn't get to use another person's arm (which I think is fair). We practiced IMs and SubQs on fake skin, but I have had the opportunity to do real IMs in the deltoid at a local volunteer clinic
  4. by   gypsierose
    In my program, after checking off on SIM man the nursing students give flu vaccinations to employees at the hospital. That gave me hundreds of arms to "practice" on. Its not a hard skill and everyone did great. Only a few people refuse to get a shot from a student and the majority understand. There were no complications with anyone. After checkoff we are also expected to jump in and give subcut shots in clinicals.