Hospitals In America that Take Student Nuses from UK for clinicals

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    Hey guys

    I am a student nurse from the UK and im trying to arrange a 4 week clinical in America. Do you know any hospitals that would take me? or any contacts for me to get in touch with? I am sooo desperate. Thank you!

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    I really think you will struggle with this, Have seen several UK students try in the past and was not successful. Also be aware you may need a visa allowing you to be a student in the US for this period of time, you may not be covered by using the visa waiver scheme

    You may have to consider another country. I know a few that went to Australia with no problems. Also can't your university help as I would have thought they would have to approve this, plus you may need some sort of clinical supervision which also may cause you a problem
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    Most US hospitals would require you to be affiliated with and supervised by a specific nursing school; you can't just come in and do "clinical" hours as an independent person.

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