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  1. 0 I just wanted to say hi as a new poster to the board
    I am a 4th year(but Junior nursing student) At University at Buffalo. I have been in my first clinical for over a month now in a family practice which is low income. I really like it there a lot! The staff and patients are all very down to earth people. I have to confess I do get nervous sometimes, but I always feel like I have learned when I leave. I have a comprhensive due soon, as well as implementing a teaching plan to the same patient. I'm going to do a prenatal.
    Well I just wanted to say Hi, and also was wondering how you all felt about group work/projects. We get soooo many of them and at times they can be annoying(not my classmates but the projects themselves)
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    Hi noeljan!!!Welcome!!!

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    Welcome to the boards!!
    Good luck with school!
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    Welcome to the board, I love it here!

    About those group projects, we've had three, and I've had no luck with the groups I've been assigned to. There is either someone who doesn't do their share of the work, or doesn't show up on presentation day (happened twice). As a matter of fact, we had a group presentation due today, and one member didn't come to class, so we were missing a portion of our presentation. We tried to fill in where we could, but it felt awkward. But it could have been worse, one group with five members only had two show up to present! Guess a lot of my classmates have stage fright!

    I hope you find as much enjoyment at this board as I have, but beware, it gets addicting!
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    Welcome Aboard!!!!! Best of luck to you! This is the best profession in the world as far as I am concerned.
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    Hi Noeljan,
    Welcome to the board!!!!! You're going to love it here, I know I do...... . As far as group projects, I have my first presentation on muscles due next week. My A & P professor paired me with a student that is taking A & P for the second time. We have to do a presentation on the muscles of the scalp and face. We decided to split them up evenly. She seems like she's going to pull her weight....I hope

    "RN 2B in 2004"
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    Thanks for all your warm welcomes!
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    welcome and much continued success to you!