Helpful study tips for studying bones

  1. I'm taking A & P I with lab, and we are currently studying bones. Does anyone have any helpful study tips, on how to maintain all of this information.
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  3. by   FloridaRNstudent
    If you run a copy of the pictures in the book. Cut out the names of the bones and run another copy of this sheet. Draw in blank lines where the names need to go. Put the names in a pile and start placing them onto the picture again. They stuck in my head that way. I also learned alot of the arteries and veins this way.
    I also had little kids at the time so I just wrote the names of the bones on sticky notes and stuck them to my kids.
  4. by   APBT mom
    I made up stupid little sayings so I could remeber where they were.
    Like the parital is where you part your hair and put on a head band.
    Maxilla- Max has a sick moustache.
    Ulna is on the same side as the little finger (shortest finger and the bone's name is short)
    It's not funny to hit your humerus (olcranon is the "funny bone").

    I know it looks silly and if someone over hears you saying it they're probably going to think that school has made you crazy but it helps.

    I've also heard about coloring books that you can get at B&N and Borders but I've never used them.
  5. by   keepingmycool30
    Anytime I have to memorize something I make a copy. Then I white out all that I have to know. Then I would number each bone, artery, or vein. Then I would just study from that. I would look at my copy and lets say no. 1 was the tibia. Then just check your answers with your book. But make sure you skip around I had a teacher who would love to leave out one and if you learn them in order it could totally throw you off. After awhile it gets easier alot of that stuff starts to make I am now in AP 2 but I still use that same method.
  6. by   justme1972
    What I did, was write, write, write, write.

    It also helped me to remember them in the order around the bone...that way if I got "stuck", I had some bones that I could remember easier than others, and would use those for a reference.

    The terms are difficult if you are not used to them, that is why writing them 10 to 15 times each helped alot.