Help wrinting patient learning objective using smart

  1. I need help pleeeeease writing a patient learning objective on fall prevention and dementia using the smart model.
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  3. by   meanmaryjean
    what do you have so far? We're happy to help, but we don't do your homework FOR you.
  4. by   SHGR
    Tell us what you have so far.
  5. by   mzprissy
    I have nothing…this was thrown on me today along with 5 other assignments. This is my 2nd semester and we didn't do anything as such in our 1st semester. I have a new clinical instructor and unfortunately we haven't went over this in lecture. So I'm clueless, I'm new to the healthcare field. thank you!
  6. by   meanmaryjean
    Well, for a start- what is a SMART goal? What does the acronym mean?
  7. by   mzprissy
    ]Specific; specify what to achieve, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-bound.
  8. by   SHGR
    So can you fill in the blanks for your specific learning goal?
    (I learned "realistic" for the R.)
  9. by   nurseprnRN
    Precisely. This is actually not rocket science. It really is that simple. Fill in the blanks.

    Specify what you want to achieve/your intervention: ______________________

    Measurable: How are you going to measure it? Before and after your interventions?

    Achievable: Don't choose anything that really can't be done; inventing and applying an antigravity machine might prevent falls, but we can't do that.

    Relevant (does this have anything to do with the actual needs of the situation? How?)
    Realistic (I sorta would put this under "achievable")

    Time: time frame, how long are you going to apply your intervention/how often/when will you make before/after measurements

    And remember, if you don't think you're doing it right, work with your faculty to understand better. If you knew everything before you did it the first time, you wouldn't have to be in school, right?
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  10. by   SHGR
    This afternoon, I am going to use EBSCO to find ten relevant articles on ACEI use in DM which is relevant to my clnical, and gather a "clinical pearl" from each. All components are there: it's specific, measurable, achievable- I could set a loftier goal, but I have other things to do too- Relevant to my assignments, and fits into my time frame.
    It does take practice but it's a useful tool.
    Are you getting stuck on the teaching patients with dementia not to fall part?
    Could you do a SMART goal to teach staff instead?