Help I failed out of a Nursing Program in NY

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    I failed out of a nursing program almost 4 years ago. I ended up going the LPN route. Now i am trying to go back for my RN and alot of schools are telling me that since I failed out of a RN program they can not accept me. Does anyone have any advise for me. I have tried LIU, ASA, most cuny schools and even the school I went to a Suny college got rid of their night and weekend classes. So I would have to quit my job to go back, and it is not guaranteed. Please someone help me!! I did get accepted to Excelsior, I am scared of the whole online thing.

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    Not sure what to advise here. If an online school is your last option, then just do it. I was about to enroll in an online ABSN program because I was down to my last few options and I only applied to two ABSN schools in NJ (where I live). If you want something, you will do whatever it takes to get it, whether it's going part-time at a job, doing an online program, or traveling out a state to attend! Keep searching in NY, there are sooooooo many nursing schools!! (I should know, I only researched about 20 of them in NYC). Keep positive!
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    Perhaps u should apply to the Swedish Institute? Call them and find out. They're located in 28th street by the 1 train. I am enrolled in their nursing program and I start sept 4. good luck! Dont lose hope!
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    I have called most of them and most of them say they will not take me because I failed out should I just not tell them and see what happens?
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    I have tried to get in contact with them with no luck is there a Website? and what is the cost?
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    I found the website for the swedish institute can you please give me some more information on the school?
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    i just know that the first nursing class there started this January... I dont really know the costs... But u can go there and theyll help u. You have to take the NLN prior entering the school. Thats the main thing when u apply there.
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    I called the swedish institute they dont have any night or weekend classes so i guess excelsior it is!!!

    thanks for the info
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    How is it going so far at the Swedish Institute? Do you like their program?
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    Where in NY do you live? As far as Long Island goes you can apply to Adelphi, Molloy, NYIT, Farmingdale (SUNY)... Try out all your options. My advice is to stay away from online nursing programs. Good luck finding a job if you go that route....

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