HELP!!! Can't figure out maternity homework!

  1. Okay, I'm hoping someone is out there?!!!

    I have to fill out my clinical paperwork for maternity and one thing is to name and define the Maternal Role Achievement according to Rubin.

    I can't find Rubin or Maternal Role.... in my Wong book or in my Maternity book and it's due tomorrow!!!

    Can anyone help me fast???

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  3. by   aus nurse
    Hey mission nurse,

    I am certainly not a maternity nurse!!!! but I did a google search on rubin and came up with quite a few sites that list info about his (?her) theories.

    Here is one that does a quick overview.....

    Hope it helps
  4. by   CountrifiedRN
    Hey Missionnurse

    Are you refering to the Phases of Maternal Postpartum Adjustment: Taking in, Taking hold, and Letting go? If it sounds familiar, let me know, I can scan what's in my book and email it to you. Or if you have the same book as I do, "Maternal Child Nursing Care" by Wong, Perry, & Hockenberry (2nd edition, 2002) it is on page 482 under Maternal Adjustment.

    Good luck! HTH
  5. by   Ortho_RN
    That is what I thought of when I heard Rubin.. Taking-In, Taking-hold and Letting GO..

    Good Luck