Have you ever heard of Keesler Cream and what's in it?

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    Have you ever heard of Keesler Cream?

    It's used ubiquitously here for pressure ulcers, burns, and just about anything else on the skin. I cannot find anything about it in any of my nursing or drug books. Also searching online doesn't reveal anything.

    I'm more curious than anything else.
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    It's compounded by a local pharmacist. It contains zinc oxide, a magnesium based antacid(like Mylanta), an antifungal cream(like miconazole or clortrimazole), & vitamin cream(like A&D). The zinc oxide is a skin protectant. The antacid helps prevent skin irritation from acidic drainage from the yeast & helps to inhibit yeast & bacterial growth. The antifungal use needs no explanation. The A&D cream also helps to inhibit yeast & bacterial growth. I'm not certain if those are the only ingredients used to compound the Keesler cream. But, those are the main ingredients. A pharmacist shared this info with me at a hospital I once worked at.
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    I'm guessing the name is local, we use something like that in a couple places I've worked but we call it something else (which of course I can't remember at the moment, sorry!).

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