Had the nicest thing happen today!

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    My friend and I have a ritual, has been since 1st semester. We ALWAYS go to TGIFridays to study for our tests. We were there tonight studying for our test tomorrow. A man and I presume his father sat next to us. After they finished eating the man asked if we were nursing students, that he couldn't help overhear us. We told him yes. He said he had a sister who's a nurse in the Navy, and that he's been sick for the last 3 months. He said how much he appreciated his nurses and thanked us for what we are doing. He got up to leave and said good bye and good luck. A few minutes later we had dessert delivered! He bought us dessert as a thank you! We were so shocked and teary eyed. No one has ever done something so nice like that!
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    It's the little things that count. Remember that man when you are overwhelmed and drowning and some other family member just got done reading you the riot act over their mothers cold tea and your quiet little old lady down the hall who never rings her bell or has any visitors......asks for a blanket because she is cold.....so you get her a warm one.

    It's the little things that count. ((HUGS))
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    what an awesome gesture made by the man at the next table!

    sweet studying!
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    I see many more "nice little things" happening in your future as a nurse!
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