Had my 2nd Fundamentals exam today

  1. The exam was 75 questions on: The aging adult, Stress and Adaptation, End of life/Grief, Etc...i got 90%, but 6 of my classmates failed (<80%). i dont even know how i passed! 60% of what was on that test was not on our PP's, notes or even assigned readings!
    why do teachers do this??
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  3. by   gatoraims RN
    It is all about teaching critical thinking. Taking what you do know and applying it to the unknown. I think it is all prep for the NCLEX. I could be wrong but I really think this is why they do this.
    Or at least this is what I tell myself.

    CONGRATS on passing with a 90%!!
  4. by   dayanara
    thanks! but i still feel bad about those who didn't pass:-(
    i did notice that most questions were "Nclex style," one of the questions was asking: what activity was recommended by the nurse for an older adult with loss of balance?
    Answers were light weight lifting, standing on one foot, sit-ups, or swimming. That's not in the book!! i just figured it would be swimming because it is different from everything else, plus they can't fall:-), but it does make u think!!