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I am starting this thread mostly to see what you all think of group projects. I'm very frustrated right now because I am stuck with a girl in ALL of my groups and she is slacking. (Nobody wanted her in their groups. I now know... Read More

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    LOL.. Thanks for the advice guys. I have addressed her personally because I also work with her. I got her a job at the end of last semester because she was having a hard time finding one. Well, now my bosses joke with me about my reference because she isn't the greatest employee either. She is late for every shift there too. She has recently started calling me "stupid" because I go home and study after work instead of partying. The last project that was due we missed points for her references and her "professional attire" for our presentation. I didn't think that I would need to babysit, but here I am. I'm just tired. I asked her the other day why she feels the need to not participate as much as everyone else and she said "I thought that I do contribute." (I thought, "yeah, so my stress levels.") We have set deadlines. The one project that I am taking upon myself we set a deadline for a month ago. (haha... yyyyeeeaahhh- it's that bad) I hope that this clears up. Until then, I thank you for letting me vent and know that I am not the only one.

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    And this is exactly why I hated group projects in school. There was always "that one person" who would slack off and not do their portion of the work required. If speaking with her doesn't help, talk with your instructor. And try to avoid having her in your group in the future.

    For my group projects we always had a chance to critique each other and that was submitted to our instructor. That played a factor in our individual score in the group.

    Group projects are supposed to teach you how to work with others because nursing is a team effort...but from my experience, team effort in nursing on the floor is much better than a school assignment!
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    If talking with her isn't helping, you absolutely must talk to your instructor. If she isn't doing the work, she shouldn't get the credit nor the grade. May sound harsh but maybe it will be a wake up call when the group gets an A and she fails the project.
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    Group projects are rough, I feel communication and a positive but assertive attitude is key.
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    She needs to grow the h..... up. And put me in that group that HATES group projects!
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    First of all, I absolutely *hate* group projects about 95% of the time. I had one experience in nursing school where I was stuck in a group (assigned randomly by the prof) that was comprised of me and the known slackers in the class (like, people who were close to failing). I'm usually calm and soft spoken, but the project was worth a large percentage of the grade and we were in danger of bombing it because the others were not doing anything. After attempting to nicely bring my concerns to them, I literally yelled at them in front of our entire clinical group about their laziness! This is HIGHLY unlike me-I'm usually very reserved and calm-but I simply told them that their laziness was unacceptable, I was done with their excuses, and that if they did not immediately complete their portion as described by the rubric I would take the issue to the nursing school dean!! They were completely shocked and my instructor actually said she would back up my statements to the dean if that ended up being the case. ALL parts of the assignment ended up being completed well :-)

    I guess my point is that there is a time when you need to be really firm with group members and not accept their excuses (not that I totally advocate yelling). It is not fair that you are suffering for her laziness and she should be able to function decently in a group if she is going to be a professional soon.
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    I too am bitter over a group project, because most of us worked hard. This was years ago and I am now on faculty with the instructor. Her statement was that group projects are to teach team work and group dynamics. That is ok, if you are being GRADED on those. But if the sole grade is the summative work then it is not just, in my opinion. All I learned was to avoid certain people. Don't know what life lesson that provided.
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    Working in groups is always challenging, because everyone has their own way of working to be successful; and its easy to get frustrated when you have to adjust your routine and often very stressful too.
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    Thanks for the encouragement. I have been avoiding her and I think she knows I am upset. I am still taking the projects into my own hands and paying for it with absolutely no sleep this week. I guess I can sleep when I am dead, right?! She did get caught today during clinical for her lack of motivation. We had clinical at the hospital until two. We get to post-conference to talk about the day and she goes to the instructor and goes "I have to go to clinical for public health, I am already late." The clinical instructor was going to talk to the other instructor and see why she, and only she, was double booked for clinical. (We are supposed to sign up for our public health clinical at the beginning of the semester.. She didn't realize that she would have less opportunities if she waited.) Needless to say, she will be hearing from both instructors as to why she is not completing her clinical guidelines for the semester! Karma? I think not.. it's more like PURE laziness!
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    At my school every time you did a group project you also submitted an evalaution of all the other members. Not everyone in the group got the same mark at the end.If you didn't do your share and do as good a job you got a lower grade than the others.

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