Greta James Nursing Scholarship

  1. 0 Nursing school students! Need $2,500? Apply for the Greta James Scholarship. Greta was the mother of a good friend and he is giving back in her name!
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    I've never seen a scholarship that required you to log in via Facebook to apply. First time for everything I guess.
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    Do you have to have a Facebook account to apply?
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    The only "application" link I could find was a link to a Facebook app that required access to certain personal information. So it seems the only way to apply or "start application" is via Facebook. then there is a link to current applicants (including full name & name of nursing school, plus the applicant's response to the two questions) for people to "vote" to determine who gets the scholarships.
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    @ mom-n-student-Hmmmm... I think I will pass. thanks for the clarification. Good Luck!

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