Graduation gift for spouse and son: need help with ideas

  1. To go along with the graduation gift thread, I need ideas on what to give my husband and 13 year old son as a gift for my graduation. They have done so much to support me through this process and I want to thank them for everything. My going to nursing school turned our normal routine on its head and they adapted beautifully. Any ideas on something nice for them?
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  3. by   douxmusique
    If it were me my gift would be a (cheap) getaway for the weekend along with a nice keepsake to remember it.... probably something from things remembered (that mall gift shop?) To keep around.

    I have dreams of taking my husband and kids to Orlando when im done. We have never been on a vacation and wont have anytime now until my program is done. So that would be great.
  4. by   NightNerd
    I agree with douzmusique, your family would probably love to spend some quality time with you after all your schoolin' is over! If a vacation is unaffordable right now, maybe a dinner out or another fun outting (or even a night in - movies, popcorn, games) would be an option.

    What kinds of things do they like? I think more information would be helpful if you want to get them something material.
  5. by   Cohiba
    A trip is a nice idea, but make sure it's to a destination where THEY want to go, not necessarily where you want to. As an example, if they both really love fishing and couldn't give a hoot about Disney regardless of how you might love Mickey/Minnie, taking them to Orlando really wouldn't go over as well as sending them off for a couple days to get some lines wet. Sure, if you take them to the Magic Kingdom anyway they might put on a good face and smile at some of the appropriate times for pictures, but they would probably be much happier somewhere else doing something else.
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  6. by   rubato
    I'm thinking about the trip idea. I will try to plan something without their knowledge that they would both love. Thanks.
  7. by   green34
    Memories make the best gifts.