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Graduating soon but I don't feel prepared

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    Im in my last 5 weeks of my third semester and after picking my classes for next semester (last one) I realized I'm almost done. It's great cause I never thought I'd get here after going through all these crazy courses. But, I also realized that I don't feel ready. I'm not at all ready to be a RN! I'm kinda freaking out here. I want to be a great nurse and I never want to hurt anyone but I'm almost done and I don't feel like I can be out on my own. Next semester I will be taking advanced med surge and leadership. I had a horrible med surge experience because the hospital and nurses didn't want that students doing anything. So I mostly had to do CNA work just like fundamentals. Now I'm getting to advanced med surge and I feel so unprepared.
    Does everyone go through this feeling of not being ready to be a nurse? Any tips ? Books ? Anything? Lol thanks
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    You won't really feel ready until you start working, and even then it takes time - 6 months to a year or more lol. Nursing school gives you a foundation, but you learn how to "be a nurse" on the job. Don't let that discourage you. Hang in there :heartbeat
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    I've been told time and time again that the real learning comes when you get on the job. I would be thrilled to only have 5 weeks! I have 22 more weeks! Counting them down!

    Good luck!