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Okay, I know there has been numerous threads on studying but I need opinions. I usually do well my reading the chapters and make my own notes (this takes a while but it helps me retain the info).... Read More

  1. by   annietart
    I think what you're doing is a little overboard for the basics but it's helpful when learning disease processes and interventions to be through. That's a lot of info to learn! Interviewing can really only be learned by doing IMHO. Just hit the basics that were taught in class.I never not read the book though. The only time I didn't read it was during fundamentals.
  2. by   BloomNurseRN
    If it works for you then keep it up! If you did yourself getting behind then try to really focus more solely on the key points and what the instructor emphasizes. Good luck!
  3. by   msumomof2
    I would say that doing what works well for you is the best way, what works for some, does not work for others. I try to read as little as possible unless I don't understand my instructors notes/lecture.
  4. by   strawberryluv
    I used to read chapters thoroughly but I learned it wasted so much of my time. I talked to one of my nursing friends who was in the same class as me but was pulling A's and she said she only read from the sections that were referred to in her nursing notes and only that. So thats what I did and it made a little bit of a difference.

    I think when I start Maternity Nursing I'm going to change my strategy up a bit and use my textbook as a reference and my supplemental book (Saunders comprehensive review 5e) as my main reading material. I find that Saunders is really concise plus practicing NCLEX questions while studying!
  5. by   Nolli
    Everyone is different. Do what ultimately works for you and for that specific class. Personally I take good notes in class and add them to the powerpoints with asterisks or bulleted points on key things. I do utilize chapter summary and key points for some things, but it depends on the professor. All my professors test differently. Some use the book/follow it more than the others. One is almost exclusively lecture based testing with all the material on the powerpoints already. So I have to adjust for each subject. Personally I usually only go into the book if my professor is pulling from it otherwise it tends to conflict with the lecture material. Sometimes with my more lecture based professors I'll go into the book and do a reading just to understand something complicated that I just can't get. I wouldn't go overboard with organizing the material and would go with a simpler method of studying if you find yourself getting stressed out, fall behind, or your tests are not reflecting what you study and your scores drop.