Going into finals week upset and stressed out.

  1. Hello Everyone,

    I am wondering if any feels that they are failing? I wouldn't say I'm failing, but I'm at nerve wracking position. In Foundations I am sitting at a high C and Health Assessment and a mid-high C (first test in both classes threw me off). and both are on 6 point scale. I am still waiting on my head to toe check off grade. I feel like I'd feel a little more comfortable going into finals week if I just knew. It would be nice to come out with at least B's in the nursing classes. I felt comfortable leaving my head-to-toe but with my instructor berating my partner and I (which she normally didn't)...C's to me have always been failing .

    What do you do to calm your nerves and study for these finals? For foundations I have written out the terms since I know it's just the big picture they want. Then for Health Assessment I went back and made more detailed notes on the two tests I did okay, not the best on.

    I find out this week right before finals start on my head to toe grade *fingers crossed* I did really well to pull grade up since it was 25% of my grade. Does nursing school really mess with your head this much, or does it get better???

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  3. by   Griffin123
    I haven't found anything to calm my nerves. 2 weeks left in my first semester. I have a 75% in one class and 80 or above in my other two classes. But, if I make anything less than a 75% in any class I have to repeat the entire semester. This has been an emotional roller coaster for me and I'm having serious regret not applying to our school's part time program instead. That being said, it's not just you and me. There's probably thousands across the country feeling the same way right now.
  4. by   EMT89
    I know I can't make anything less than an 80. I haven't been in a 6 point scale since high school!. I feel your pain. I wish my school had a part-time program.