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Getting accepted into nursing school

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  2. 34 Nursing students will go to great lengths to get accepted into nursing school.

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    IKR...thats me. The anxiety, the waiting.....I am really stressing and worried. I applied to both RN and LPN..I am praying that I get an acceptance letter from either one....
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    Yup, pretty much how I'm feeling at this point
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    Don't worry, once you are actually accepted then you get to go through the gut wrenching glory fest of skills returns, exams, clinicals, and then the wonderful NCLEX. Oh but the fun doesn't stop there, oh no. After all of the hard work getting in and surviving while watching your wonderful GPA swirl down the toilet you get to agonize over getting a job since no one wants to hire new grads seeing as how the nursing shortage was accidentally mistermed and what they meant was nursing glut. All in all, definitely worth it.
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    I was put on the waiting list and when I went down to talk to the dean she had told me I was number 2 on the list!! I prayed and prayed 2 people would decide to go somewhere else. Anyway, my mom is a nurse and a faculty member at the school and she had told the dean about how she was 11th on the waiting list. She never got her acceptance letter but my mom showed up to the class anyway, because by the 2nd day there was plenty of people that dropped and my mom got to stay. The dean told my mom that she just thought that is the funniest story. So I said, "Oh good, cause if all else fails that's what I'm doing."
    I still called every day asking for an update. Tears of joy when she finally said yes!
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    #5 0 wonders why it is so hard to get into nursing school when I just read an article on NMIE that says in 8 years we will need 54 million more health care workers! 54 MILLION!!!
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    Quote from NurseDebi wonders why it is so hard to get into nursing school when I just read an article on NMIE that says in 8 years we will need 54 million more health care workers! 54 MILLION!!!
    Right about the time I get my BSN!

    ----- Dave
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    I finished my RN program prereq's 2 years ago and finally got accepted into an accelerated BSN program. I still have my notes from my science classes and I work as CNA in a hospital. I want to stay ahead of the curve. What particular subject matter should I brush up on? What duties can I ask to observe without getting in the way of the RN's at work?
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    You are so right! lol I am job hunting right now, honestly I don't know whats worst waiting for my NCLEX results or a call (ok fine waiting for NCLEX results was worst )

    I just love how everywhere you turn, there are "nursing jobs," yet nobody wants to give you a chance since you lack experience. Oh the wonderful things we go through..but staying positive.

    Those of you applying and waiting for acceptance letters, stay positive and just know you will not be able to breath any easier once you are accepted and into the program, then its all about staying IN the program.
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    Did you take pharmacology? If you did then definitely go back to those notes. Also, A&P since you will learn all about the different disease processes. If you are able to watch a RN, just observe everything! The way she interacts with the patient, specially any skills such as putting in a nasogastric tube, foley cath, IV.. ( anything) I learned a lot in nursing school by watching the RNs perform their everyday duties.
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    @ VanessaRN89, thanks for the advice. I start school in the fall and I'm really excited!
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    No problem if you have any questions let me know.
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    I remember waiting for my acceptance letter a few months ago. It was completely nerve wrecking. I was so anxious and nervous. But once I got the letter, it felt like a huge weight was lifted off of my back! So relieved and done worrying!