Fundamentals of Nursing NCLEX Questions ONLINE?

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    I am looking to questions with answers/rationales online.

    I am in my first semester, NRS 110.

    Does anyone know of any helpful sites for questions, tutorials etc?

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    PREP- U is amazing software.

    What book are you using?
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    Fundamentals of Nursing by Taylor, Lillis, LeMone, and Lynn.

    Thank you. I will look into Prep U.
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    That's the book I am using. There is a PREP-U for that book. It is amazing and worth every penny. It has thousands of NCLEX style questions for all the chapters in the book. I have aced every test so far. The PREP-U came in our book bundle.

    They also just have a general NCLEX prep you. Here is a link.

    You will pass every test using this! There is also PREP-U for our Med/Surg book.
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    Thank you. I think I love you.

    I will order it. I just hope I receive it in time for my next test, which is a little over a week from now.
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    Let me know how you like it. I promise you that you will pass your tests using PREP-U. At my nursing school they used the Saunders NCLEX book to study by in the past. This is the first year they replaced the Saunders book with the PREP-U software and the results have been amazing.

    It might even be worth mentioning to your instructors or program director.
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    Did you order the PREP-U? If you are you liking it?
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    I did. I like it. I just don't think the questions are similar to those created by my instructor. But yes, I am sure it is helping me. I have a test on tuesday.
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    I hope it helps you. Thankfully, the questions on my test's are very similar. It's great practice.

    Good luck on your test!
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    Thanks. Are you in your first semester, Fundamentals, as well?