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I'm a senior registered nursing student and our school has a pinning ceremony to mark the completion of our program. Our class contains about 20% men, equal split of black and white in both genders. I am approaching 50 and... Read More

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    All this over a cap?? At my pinning ceremony all females wore caps. It looks nice and professional. It also pays homage to all the nurses before us. I don't understand why people are telling OP to get a lawyer. It's NOT a big deal. You wear it for about 2 stinking hours, take pictures and then take it off for good. My cap, lamp and pledge sit on my dresser and I feel proud. Don't make a nonsensical deal over wearing a cap and don't ruin it for those who really want to wear it. That is all.

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    I find it strange that after 26 pages the OP hasn't came back and commented..
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    Real world? No. This is just childish.

    Grow up.
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    Im thinking just about everything that can be said has been.
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