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Five Years Completed and Still Loving It - page 2

As a new nursing student, with a look of awe I would look at experienced nurses and think "Wow....I can't wait until I have been working as long as they have, to know what they know." Well, now I am... Read More

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    Love that you are so geniune about your passion of nursing. I hope to have the same passion when I become a nurse. I have worked in healthcare (different positions from activitiy assistant to pharmacy technician) for the last 8 years and love the few nurses I work with that still have the "fire" of caring.
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    Quote from smily11
    god bless you you've made my day
    Thanks. Ditto.
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    nursefrancis, aren't you AKA: nursefantastic, nursefrenetic, nursefrantic, nursefunny, nursefairness, nurseforlorn,and nursefrankenstein?

    Seriously, now: Good Article! It's a Pleasant Experience to read a Bit about your History; your Story.

    As Evidenced, your Article paints a Postive Picture for those Fresh in the Field, and allows Seasoned Nurses to Recall Their Own History.

    Thanks for sharing, nurse..where's my bike?
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    I've read a few of your posts on AllNurses. I'm looking at leaving my postpartum unit job and trying out an ambulatory eye surgery center. Can you message me because I'd like to get more info. Thanks!
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    Hey! what do you do as an RN in Ophthalmology, if you don't mind me asking