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Where to start... HELP!! I am in my first semester of nursing school. I came to this site via a search for "reality of nursing career" and have spent the last hour and a half reading comments and... Read More

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    Quote from kaydensmom01
    I also couldn't stand listening to lectures on nursing theories and such. Yes it is important but you will move on from learning about that and learn about diseases and nursing interventions, medications, and much more interesting things. In clinical you will feel insignificant because you have not learned nearly enough yet to truely understand everything that is going on. You are at clinicals to learn, and although professors do not always act like it, that is why you are there for. Even learning about something in lab is different than in clinicals.
    I felt like I made a huge mistake even after my first year in nursing school. I did fine in class, but did not enjoy it or clinicals. I graduate in May and I am just now starting to enjoy nursing and realizing that I did not make a mistake. I am glad that I stuck through it when I was going to quit because I had no idea that I would actually end up liking nursing. You will start to learn more, understand more, and feel more confident. It is stressful though, but from what I have heard after the first 6 months you start to feel more comfortable on the floor as a nurse. Professors do yell but from I have seen they are the ones that have pushed my skills along because you want to be prepared for them so you don't get yelled at
    I would not quit, most of the students in my class wanted to quit while learning about theory. There is no way to judge if you like nursing from only 6 weeks of being a student, really! Yes some will enjoy it from the getgo but most of the people surrounding me, including myself, had not.
    Everything I liked about nursing I ended up hating during nursing school.. and stuff I didn't know I'd like.. I ended up loving. I'm with this person! Stick with it.. it might feel like a mistake/don't know what you're doing at first, but eventually you feel like you made the right choice .
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    I am also in semester one of my BSN program. There are other students in my class that feel they way you do and we have already lost 7 students because they felt that its was not working for them. Me personally, I love it. The lectures are somewhat boring but since I have a genuine interest in learning it, it doesn't bother me. The instructors can also be really mean as well but I look at it as I have to get where they are so I take it as a grain of salt. I totally agree with you about clinicals. It seems that they don't want you there and just want you to get out of the way. They are very disrespectful and can make you feel like the dirt on the ground. I know what I want, TO BECOME A NURSE and no one or nothing is going to stop me from doing just that. It is hard but for me it is worth it. I plan to work in hospice so I don't have to deal with the chaos of the hospital setting and I will truly be able to provide quality patient care at a critical time in patients' lives. I can't tell you to stay or leave nursing school but I think that it's a decision that should be made from the heart. Many of the nurses that are mean to us in clinicals are the ones that should have changed their minds during nursing school...
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    First off to the nurses who tell you nursing sucks and it doesn't get better and there is no reward in the career: these are the nurses who went into the field because they wanted a secure job and the "high demand" of nursing sounded appealing. These are the nurses who aren't truly passionate for nursing or what is stands for. Yes, it is a hard career but also one of the most rewarding. It will be draining and some days you might go home crying but honestly even the worst days are outweighed by the good ones.You should stick it out through the end of the semester and really evaulate your thoughts then. If you still aren't sure I would change your major. It takes real determination and commitment to be a nurse. You have to know in your heart that its right for you. No one else can make that decision for you. This is why I also believe the best advice for anyone thinking about choosing nursing as a career is to get a job as a PCT in a hospital. It gives you a great look at what the field is all about and actually helps many students make the decision of whether or not to pursue nursing degrees.
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    With nursing (as with most things), you get out of it what you put into it. Whether or not the endeavor is rewarding enough for you is really up to you.

    Good Luck.
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    I'm about to start my lst semester of nursing school in the fall and i'm nervous as well. I've completed a bachelor's in science before starting so hopefully those classes will help with nursing classes

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