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I just had my first tests in nursing school yesterday and today (lecture and lab). Boy they do make them as hard as they can, don't they?! A lot of tears were seen.. and I am totally happy I spent so... Read More

  1. by   thatsthekeyRNC
    I passed my first fundamentals lab test out (sterile field, open gloving), and got a 94 on the first fundamentals exam. Still waiting on my health assessment grade and I don't think I'm in the A range, but hoping for a high B! The big mama is next week though...maternity theory exam! So much studying to do!!
  2. by   Stephanie4574
    I received a C on my first nursing exam and a B- on the second. My professor told the class that the exams are going to get harder, so I'm surprised that the second exam was easier than the first one.
  3. by   NurseLoveJoy88
    In fundies I made A's and B's on my exam. I'm currently in my last semester and make high B's. But a B is a B....
  4. by   DBK99
    My RN program is known to be one of the more rigorous in our state also, and last year's class had a 100% first time taking NCLEX pass rate. The questions are a lot different than any other test in all the prereqs, aren't they? I am in my first semester and scored an 87 on my first fundamentals exam, and an 85 on my second. I got an 86 on the pharmacology exam and a 97 on the dosage calc exam. Overall, I'm pretty happy with my grades, thus far
  5. by   wazeout
    Congrats to all of you for passing the 1st test. I just had my very first test this past tues. and I received a 92% grade average. I was surprised, because I thought that I would be in the low 80's. I missed two lecture classes, and was still acclimating myself to the whole programs online portion (it is so confusing at first, but a great tool and idea once your familiar with it), which gives us handouts and other useful info. that is essential to this high paced program.

    This school has a consistently high nclex pass rate, so getting anything under an 82 is failing. Good luck to all future test!!
  6. by   GamerGirL337
    I got a 90 on my first fund's 87.5 on my first Phys. Assessment test, an 86 on my 2nd fund's test, and an 85 on my 2nd Phys. assessment test...

    I still have high B averages in both classes so i'm happy...its hard though..i only have one day off and i'm gone from 7:30am to usually 7 pm every other night...its been crazy tough but i'm doing it...and passing!
  7. by   ORnurseCT
    Just completed the dosage test! Test 3 and second lab validation coming up. Semester 1 is flying by.
  8. by   RedChair
    I am taking two classes -Health Assesment - got an 86 and Pharmacology- got a 96! Next tests are in a couple weeks!
  9. by   nursingstudent_88
    first test ever was a drug a 100=) very happy about that because to be honest i sucked at math.BUT i studied real hard and did every problem dimensional analysis(cancelling out units) and then there was Medsurg.That exam was difficult! i was caught in between 2 answers and they both sounded right,of course there is only one answer it was a multiple choice exam! i got an 82 %..2 more exams to go=)