First Exam

  1. So this is my first semester of nursing school and I've been beyond panicking these last few weeks feeling like it was way to much material to cover, and maybe just maybe I wasn't cut out for it... Took my first exam on Monday, and guess what, I was wrong.. I got an "A" and I'm so proud of myself.. Living proof that if you put in the time and work and are truly passionate about what your doing then nothing or no one should stop you from being successful!!!
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  3. by   BigOkie
    Congratulations! Getting the first one under your belt feels good, especially when you've got a good result. I think probably 95% of nursing students (including myself) look at the amount of information that can be tested and it looks impossible. It's amazing how much you retain though if you do your reading.

    Of course, I have a test coming up on Monday and, as always, I have my doubts. But I know I can do it... now you do too!

    Congrats again and keep gettin' A's!!!
  4. by   Divatologist
    Awesome Sauce!!!! I got an A on my 1st exam too. I was straight kirkin out! 18 chapters to cover for the 1st exam! IN-SANE!! I know this is how they weed out the weak. I worked too hard to get here. They can't have my seat! Good Luck in school!