1. Hey everyone!

    I'm starting my first clinical rotation this week! I'm so excited. I did SO well in Fundamentals Lecture/Lab and Pharmacology last term, A's in all 3. I'm going into Intro to Med/Surg Lecture/Lab/Clinical and Physical Assessment. What should I expect from these clinicals? My terms are only 9 weeks long, so everything is SOOO quick. I'm nervous, but more excited. I have Med/Surg and Leadership after this term (in April)...

    Thanks everyone for your experiences/stories!!
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  3. by   JROregon
    Work on what you've learned so far.... and find out what limitations you are under. If you've ever been a CNA that will put you way ahead in the first several months of clinicals. When you get to the hospital, find out where everything is stored. Where can you find a warm blanket? Where can you get water and ice for your patient - and how are you to deliver to the patient (we have to fill clean plastic cups that go into the room to fill the patient's cup)? How do you chart Is&Os? How do you use the electronic BP, HR and pulse ox equipment? Take vital signs and do focused assessments. Make goals for the week and do your best to get through them. Try to overcome any fears that you have by facing them head on.
    I happen to have a clinical instructor that allows up to set our own goals but we to eventually get through a short list of accomplishments. Our instructor also watches us do certain skill until we master them. Other instructors are very hands on and constantly tell students what they should be doing right now. If you have a willing nurse, you may want to shadow but always be thinking of how you want to do things as a professional. I would only shadow to see a specific procedure or watch how a particularly difficult situation is dealt with.
  4. by   NICURN2013
    Thanks JROregon! I have an orientation on Monday, so I'm definitely going to keep my eyes open for everything. I took a CNA class and had clinical at a nursing home for a week, so I feel a little comfortable talking to patients, but I'm sure the situation will be a little different in a hospital. I'm really excited it just doesn't seem like our clinical instructor talks a whole lot about what we should do and what we should expect... But maybe that'll change on Monday.

    Any other advice?? Stories?