Finally the bride! Haha

  1. 0 So, I did exceptionally well in Micro, but someone always seemed to answer one more question correct on tests than me. If I got a 98%...someone got a 100%, when I got 96% someone got a 98%. All semester long. I was always one question away from getting the high score on the test. So my dh would make the joke that I was always the "brides maid" never the "bride".

    Well, we just had our 1st Fundamentals lecture along with horror stories about the way this teacher tests. It was only 30 questions, worth 1pt each. I got 28! Keeps me at an A! The average was 22 which is failing. The high score was 28! That would be me (and maybe others)! I am finally the bride!! Not a bad way to start, let's just hope it wasn't just a fluke!

    Believe me, I didnt boast (except to my friend). I really feel badly for those who had a tough time, since I may be there next week. When I heard most people were below 23 (C grade), I kept my mouth shut.

    But hey hey guys don't mind if I brag, do you?

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    I can so relate to this. I've had a few chances to "be the bride" so to speak but I hate those times when I'm soooo close (last test high grade = 98, my grade = 96, d'oh!!).

    Last semester the final exam grades for each class were posted...I had the highest grade in my class, but someone in the other section beat my by 1 measly point!! It's all in good fun, I will help anyone try to understand something better but I can't help but be competitive with myself and my classmates, too.

    Congrats again and I hope this is a trend you get to continue.
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    That's awesome!! It is so much harder to get those A's in nursing school isn't it?? Toot that horn girl-- hoot hoot!!
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    That's awesome! Keep up the good work. I think as long as we keep it healthy, there isn't anything wrong with a little competition After all, they made us that way just to get into the program, right? At least at my school they have!

    Good luck on the next one!!
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    I was the bride in my last A&P exam. I did not want to say anything, but one of my friends shout "your new name is 104". I feel kind of sad because my other friend got 65%. I did not want to make her feel bad.
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    My instructor posts grades only as:
    "90-100 ....13," "80-90.....12," "70-80.....8," and "NP....3."

    So we never really *know* who the top dog is.


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