Feeling Discouraged

  1. Hi everyone, I need some encouragement right now. I am currently failing Adult Health 1, I don't know what went wrong. I have 6 weeks left in this quarter to bring my grade to a B. Can anyone tell me how they were successful in MedSurg all answers will be greatly appreciated...next test is in a few weeks on Fluid and Electrolytes.
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  3. by   Hygiene Queen
    If your next test is on F&E, then get the book "Fluids and Electrolytes Made Easy".
    Many students have found this book to be extremely helpful.
    I know I did.

    If your problem is NCLEX style questions, then you really need to learn to conquer that beast.
    Get an NCLEX study book and study from that.
    You can quiz yourself on your topics from class and also practice NCLEX style questions at the same time.

    Have you tried the Evolve website?
    I used to do a search for my text books, subscribe to those texts and then would utilize any learning tools available therein.
    I got a lot out of the chapter quizzes (NCLEX style) and audio notes.

    Also, what about YouTube?
    Search for "Campbell Teaching".
    Mr. Campbell is an absolutely amazing professor and his F&E lectures were very very good.
    I still watch them and I owe Mr. Campbell my life!

    These are my suggestions.
    Hope one or two, at least are helpful.

    Oh yes... and don't forget to seek help from your instructor or academic counselor.

  4. by   mjbarnes
    The book Fluid and Electrolytes made easy is definitely an awesome resource.

    Reach out to other resources, too. Try to download the NCLEX 3500 questionairre. Google things (only use medical sites though!) Highlight your book, make note cards, REPETITION. Draw, do whatever you have to do.

    For example, I come up with silly little things to help me remember stuff. Like I remember my IV solutions as this: HYPERtonic, the fluid is HYPER so it wants to get OUTSIDE the cell and play; HYPOtonic is feeling bad and wants to go INSIDE the cell. Simple things like that make a world of difference.
  5. by   turnforthenurse
    Fluid & Electrolytes Made Easy is a great book! I love everything from that series. Makes things much easier to understand.

    Make sure you have a good NCLEX book. I personally like Saunders and a lot of other users recommend that book as well. Pearson Prentice Hall Reviews & Rationales for NCLEX-RN is another great book, too.

    And finally, have you spoke with your instructors? Or is there any tutoring available? They may be able to help you get back on track.

    Good luck!
  6. by   mkatts19
    Hurst's Pathophysiology book is great too! I'm actually using it to review for the boards so if you need any additional help in understanding some of the disease processes, let me know! Honestly, to pass your tests in school you really have to bear down and study.. truly understand what you're required to know. It helps you on those tests and in the long run when it is time to study for boards. Give yourself time to really read and understand.. that's the best and truly the only way to pass those tests.