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Failing 4th semester....feeling like a failure - page 3

so i have been going to school for the last 6 years working towards my rn. yesterday i failed 4th semester by 3 questions which is 6 points. i did step out and got my lpn in march of this year but... Read More

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    Yeah Leesha ... good for you. Stick with it and you will be successful Much luck to you on a successful spring semester!
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    good luck!:heartbeat if you graduate and pass nclex in the long run no one will know or care, so work hard.
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    * I have gone to college 6 years as well* I ended up leaving an RN Pre Program and went full blast into an LPN program, I barely squeaked by first semester ( getting a .5 above what was needed) and then FAILED by 2 points MED SURGE. I was devastaed, I cried for days, slept away the days ( I also happended to lose my job at the same time- and I was just working in retail, and then to top all it off my Pappy passed away ( he raised me). So I took a semester off of school. managed to find 2 jobs, and just worked and reapplied to the program. Taking a breather is *definatly* <--- yes i know its spelled wrong =) worth it. I reapplied and 1 week before class started I revieved my acceptance letter. I managed to regroup, make friends and *really* learn how to study and apply my nursing knowledge, I ended up getting a 87 B in Medsurge and a 90 B in OB/Psych/Peds. Just give yourself a breather, relax, pray and smile! *YOU are an LPN* Thats more than some peopple will ever achieve in life!. Like right now, I am studying for the NCLEX. But is *much more helpful haha* Best wishes to you!

    By the way there is an online LPN to RN school at indiana state university- you wouldn't have to attend classes , just attend them online =)

    *God Bless and remember to CONTINUE your DREAM, regroup and tell yourself. I WILL become an RN. * Trust me, you can do it !*
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    * Just read the update.* ignore my last comment haha.
    Good Luck and remember *YOU can do it!*