Failed by 2 points my last semester.

  1. I have dedicated the last few years of my life to a BSN program to become a registered nurse. This was not my first degree and it was a hard decision to leave my prior career to go for my dream. I was consistently successful throughout my program in clinical and my nursing classes despite the extreme stress to maintain what my school counts as passing (84). Yet I love nursing and went into my final semester's finals passing and came out failing one class, Critical Care, by 2 points with an 82. My school does not give credit for clinical grades or HESI exams (it's a only counted as a pass/fail) which I made excellent scores in. Despite my background in the program my dean would not budge on passing me. Now I don't know what to do. I even already had a job offer! My program requires you to come back and repeat the entire final year, Fall and Spring. Redoing all my hard work is too much to think about. It makes me feel sick! All I've done since I found out is cry. Does anyone know of any schools - even online, that would accept transferred clinical work? I am in the Southeast. Or have any of you been in a situation like this? How/what did you decide? I'm so distraught I can't even think.
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  3. by   nurseprnRN
    You could consider appealing higher than the dean of the nursing program, especially if your college or university has other precedents on grade appeals.
  4. by   Live.&.Learn
    If at the end of the day, the only option left is to repeat the entire year, I would do it. You have worked too hard and come too far to give up now. In the grand scheme of things, a year passes in the blink of an eye. I'm sorry this happened, best of luck to you!
  5. by   rob4546
    Wow, that is really a bummer. I couldn't see just quitting and starting over at a new school if you can't transfer the clinical credits so you may have to suck it up and redo the year. If that happens, it should be easier and you could focus even further on another aspect of patient care or something and be way ahead of your classmates. I had a classmate this semester that didn't pass by 0.4% and the nursing department and school administration didn't budge. Either way you will get over this and keep moving forward.
  6. by   Shelby, BSN, RN
    Wow, I'm sorry. I would say try appealing, but if it doesn't work out then repeat the year. Maybe you could talk to someone and just repeat some of the classes. Repeating all of them sounds extreme. As for your alternative you suggested: I seriously doubt that you will find a school willing to accept ALL of your credits, regardless of your grades. So it will probably take you a year (or more) if you transferred. And I know I wouldn't truly be satisfied with an online degree after all the hard work I had completed at my university.