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  1. My school offers a clinical experience course that can be taken after completing the first year of nursing school (ADN program) and with teacher approval. As I understand, its basically another clinical day where you get placed with a nurse in various clinical settings. I learn the most during clinicals and never feel like I have enough time doing just 1 clinical per week. After the first year my school has us doing 2 clinicals per week (1 for our core class, and the other for our other class) Next set of clinicals will be psych and medsurg. I'm really interested in ICU and was able to do a couple of days there during my current clinical (at a small hospital). I have good grades and currently work over 30 hours per week, and could cut back my hours without a problem. Should I try and go for that extra clinical day and see if I can get placed with an ICU nurse? Or do you think it would be too much? Do any of your schools offer something similar and have you benefited from taking the course? Any input would be welcome! thanks
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  3. by   KBICU
    Any extra experience will make you that much better prepared for the real world, thus making you a better nurse. I did an ICU externship and I LOVED it and still put it on resumes because you had to be chosen for it (sounds similar for you). Definitely go for it - it will only benefit you in the long run!!
  4. by   turnforthenurse
    I agree, definitely go for it! Get any and all exposure that you can while you're still in school. Seize every opportunity!