Evolve books on ipad?

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    hello all! i was just wondering if anyone knew if you can put your evolve books that you already own onto your ipad from the evolve website.. i was wondering if it was possible if you already had it to just upload it to your books somehow on your ipad or if you just have to repurchase it!

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    I think you have to download the Kno app or the other bookshelf thing they have and you should be able to download them.
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    It's an app called vitalsource bookshelf. Here is a link that takes you through the steps

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    Yes download vital source. I bought all of my books this way this semester. Hope I like it.
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    I have that but when I click on the book it doesn't do anything? Wonder why?? Does anyone know
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    Do you have to pay for the books you download?
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    Yes, you do have the buy the books, but you only purchase them one time under your account then you are able to access them on 2 computers and 2 mobile devices.

    Are you logged in under the same account that you bought the books?

    Also make sure you are using the Vital Source Bookshelf App. Any other app is a separate company and will require a separate purchase.
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    I have already purchased them in school they aren't digital.. But I don't want to buy the book all over again just to get it on my ipad. They are evolve books
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    If your book came with a digital copy(access code) you can use or on your iPad. If not, you would have to repurchase the books.
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    Oooh, yeah, if you bought the paper book you don't get the online version for free. But the ebooks are cheaper and our evolve rep gets them 30% off, so you may want to ask about that!

    Miiki, you can use Kno as a platform as well through evolve with the same books. II prefer it, but they suggest you stick with whatever platform your professors use.

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