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hello all! i was just wondering if anyone knew if you can put your evolve books that you already own onto your ipad from the evolve website.. i was wondering if it was possible if you already had it to just upload it to your... Read More

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    Quote from Stephalump
    Oooh, yeah, if you bought the paper book you don't get the online version for free. But the ebooks are cheaper and our evolve rep gets them 30% off, so you may want to ask about that!

    Miiki, you can use Kno as a platform as well through evolve with the same books. II prefer it, but they suggest you stick with whatever platform your professors use.
    Oh! Does it show highlighters from the desktop app?I actually like kno but I'll be using the desktop while in class but I'm not sure to what extent. I don't want to have to bring both the iPad and the laptop.

    Ok another question: How do you get the books that you have already bought through Evolve into Kno?

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    Oh, I don't know! I haven't tried it on a computer. My school doesn't use ebooks but I started having shoulder problems hauling my stuff around so I'm experimenting with them next semester. I'll check it out and let you know.

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