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  1. Hi Everyone!

    I am currently working as a CNA and I am starting nursing school. However, I have been looking for a new job and I've found that many hospitals want CNA's to know how to work EKG's. Does anyone know where you can get an EKG workshop/class? I live in Ohio, but I am willing to do a little traveling if needed. I have heard of 8 hour EKG workshops, but I can't seem to find them anywhere. I just want to understand the basics so I think a short workshop will be enough for what I need now. Then hopefully through working and school, I can learn more.

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  3. by   Asystole RN
    If you want the basics then this might be for you http://www.onlineaha.org/index.cfm?f....courseCatalog
  4. by   mreneef06
    Asystole RN, thank you. I am going to check into that. But in addition to reading the EKG, I am also interested in understanding how to set up the EKG.
  5. by   luvthegsp
    setting them up is the easy part in comparison to reading them...
  6. by   Asystole RN
    Actually learning how to administer a 12-lead is usually done on the job.
  7. by   mreneef06
    okay that is good to know!

    can i get your opinion on two courses i found?

    the first class i found is ten weeks long, which a lot more time than i wanted to spend. but it sounds like i would learn a lot. the description of this class:

    “this course is designed to provide the necessary information to correctly perform the twelve lead ekg, instrumentation source of error, explanation of result, introduction to health care, anatomy and physiology of the heart, and basic dysrhythmia recognition. this course includes 24 hours of clinical experience”.

    the next class i found is more of a workshop because it is only one day long. but obviously i won’t be learning as much. the description of this class:

    “this course teaches you how to perform an ekg. the ekg training is for a non-interperative mobile ekg. it is meant to be taken into people's homes by paramedical people. the ekg machines used are portable machines which are also used in clinic settings - the only difference between these and other machines is there is no preview screen. there is an lcd screen that you can preview your reading before printing it out. you must print it out, look at it, make sure there is no interference and then re-do or not. this course shows you how to use the ekg machine by where to place the leads and also shows you what a good tracing would be. this course does not go into depth about how to read all the peaks and waves. but you are shown what to look for in a bad tracing (interference)”.

    so i guess i am trying to decide which would be better. do you guys have any suggestions? i’m just not sure which would be a better option. i thought about taking the one day workshop and also taking that online course from aha.