Eight essential tools and tips for incoming nursing students - page 3

APA format, for one, was a whole new concept and I doubt I am alone when I say I practically clicked every toolbar option in Microsoft Word before I figured out how to properly insert headers and... Read More

  1. by   citylights89
    thanks for the tips! they are pretty much common sense, like another poster said, but effective. I know last semester, when I read all the time, I made all As and 1 B at the end of the semester for my final grades, The class that I made a B in I didn't read as much. Now, I hardly read ever for oe of my classes and pulling Cs. So apparently, reading does work. Tip #1 seems like a good place for me to get started if I had some objectives. The chapters are so long it does sometime feel like a waste. I have the same problems as you with the distractions. so having a great study environment does help tremendously, even though I've been making it so far with the distractions. However, will the professor (and the working world) still expect you to know even the small details?

    I also like the care plan instructor idea. I would use that if our instructor didn't say "Don't use the rationales from the book!" The you end up doing extra work to find pretty much the same idea. Why???!!! Maybe next semester the other instructors won't notice.
  2. by   MaryEMT
    These are great! thanks for sharing!
  3. by   PurpleScrubs2010
    This helps a whole lot. Thanks!
  4. by   anurseatlast
    I think your electronic sources are great! I did not find a care plan constructor until my final semester. It would have saved me hours! One caution- you still need to put time and thought into your care plans. As much as every nursing students hates them, you will learn a lot by doing good care plans. So, use the electronic helps but carefully consider what you choose. Be sure it really fits your patient and that you understand WHY you would do the selected interventions. This will cut down the busywork time and will allow you to focus on understanding. Then when your clinical instructor asks you questions, you will be able to explain the rationale of your care plan.

    I also wish I had to APA resources. I really don't mind writing papers but I had a hard time remembering the APA stuff. It would have saved time looking it all up in the book!

    All these great tips will help many students. Thanks for caring enough to post it for those who are just starting.
  5. by   nikol
    You are very kind! Thank you for sharing!