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Hey everyone, I'm an EMT who recently got accepted into nursing school. Our local nursing school is very selective and I'm proud to have gotten in, however, I'm beginning to become depressed about... Read More

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    By the way, now that I have randomly replied to a few people, I want to thank everybody who's commented so far. Most of you have been really helpful, and I feel much better about the field I'm going in to. So far, anyway. Hospice clinicals in two weeks... but I guess I'll grin and bear it. (Is grinning appropriate?)

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    Honestly as a CNA and future RN i can say that nursing homes are not my ideal workplace BUT there is something profound you feel when you help someone pass away without pain or fear and with their dignity intact. You aren't burdened with an inability to help them instead you feel like you did more for them than any doctor could ever do
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