Does your NS have and honor code?

  1. Since reading the discussion about cheating, I am wondering about "honor codes" and how common they might be. There is an honor code where I'm in school...we even have to sign something each time we take a test. However...I've heard a lot of people mention they think it's a joke and they don't pay attention to it.

    Thoughts? Experiences?
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  3. by   CuriousMe
    We do have an honor code and needed to sign it at the beginning of school.

    I do not think it's a joke. I suppose folks who violate it and get caught won't think it's a joke either.

    I thought it was great, as it not only laid out clearly what was and wasn't acceptable, but it sets the stage to explain what is and is not acceptable for the profession.

    Maybe it depends on how much the school emphasizes it...I know ours made a pretty big deal about it.
  4. by   TheSquire
    Most institutions that grant a BSN, MSN, or MS in Nursing have Academic Integrity policies that cover all students, both in and outside of the nursing department. If anyone gets caught intentionally cheating, one can kiss away one's GPA and, hopefully, one's academic career.