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So, I am a first semester student, which is over in one month. I have a friend that I met in the hospital where we volunteer at. We met while we were waiting on acceptance letters. We get along... Read More

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    Quote from mhull
    Ok please don't get mad at me for asking, but do you think your friend may be cheating. When I was in Chemistry, the teacher assigned us lab partners. Well mine soon became my shadow. One day during the test I reached over in my backpack to get a calculator and thought I seen my "shadow" looking at my test paper. After class the teacher asked me to stay over. He explained that he had thought he seen the same and said the next test he was going to move us around. I just thought I would tell you that story to give you another point of view. Maybe it isn't you they suspect.

    Michelle, I completely understand those who have raised an eyebrow to that possibility. I HIGHLY doubt it. She is a fairly religious person that I trust completely. I don't see that in her personality whatsoever. I know that you can't be 100% sure of things like that, but I will say that she's not cheating. Her and I don't miss the same questions. We don't even get the same tests. We leave the room when we are done until test time runs out for the others. We discuss what we weren't sure of, you know...what did you put for this, for that... I don't even know how cheating would be possible when the person next to you has version A and you have version B.
    So, while I understand the concern, I don't think for one minute that she is cheating off of me.
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    Quote from Angie O'Plasty, RN
    Oh dear, I'm so sorry this happened.

    But maybe it's a blessing in disguise, because of course, the REAL man of your dreams wouldn't dream of making you cry!

    So this is for you: :icon_hug:

    And this is for him (the dumper), wherever he is: :trout:
    I think your well wishes went into the wrong post!
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    Sorry, Woogy, I know it was OT, but it's MHull's siggy line and it kinda caught my eye....
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    I went back to see if I had missed something...I didn't even read that! I'll join you in the paybacks...:trout: :smiley_ab