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Hello - I have been accepted into Gonzagas nursing school, and had an interview for the Washington State University nursing school as well - I will hear from them either way in 2 weeks. They are both BSN programs - not ADN to... Read More

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    Quote from Stcroix
    Well maybe. If you apply for a job locally, you may find they have a preference of one school's students over another. It is this way in my area. The nurses and managers in the local hospitals develop opinions based upon the clinical performances of the local school. It is a fact that many more graduates of the 'preferred' schools are hired. I suppose every area is different.

    That's true, I didn't consider that part of it. A lot of the people at the local hospitals have said they are impressed with the students my school puts out. I dunno if they just say that to be polite but we have heard it at all the hospitals from various people.

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