do you think it is okay to give 2 weeks notice through email?

  1. 0 I am planning on quitting my home care job, as it is too much with my nursing school courseload right now, as well as I am tired of the way the company treats employees. I am a casual employee, and as such have met my supervisor only one time- to fill out the paper work when I was first hired. All communication with her is done via email/phone/leaving messages (very hard to get ahold of her). Since I only work weekends, i don't deal with her about work- usually it is the after hours people i contact.

    Would it be inappropriate to send my 2 weeks notice via email? It really is NOT possible to do it in person as she only has mon-fri hours when I am at school.
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    Send an actual letter in hard copy, with return receipt requested (a couple of bucks at the post office). Thank them for the opportunity and mention any positives you got from other employees, staffers, etc.

    You never want to be in the position of having someone say, "I never got that" and thinking you just became a no-show. If you can get return-receipts from your email, that might do, though, for someone as casually-employed as you describe.
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    Personally, I'd just do the e-mail thing, specifically asking for a reply.

    I resigned my last two jobs by e-mail.
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    I'd send an email since that is how you've been communicating anyway. I always send important emails to myself bcc just to make sure it actually sends.
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    Quote from wordsofmymouth
    I'd send an email since that is how you've been communicating anyway. I always send important emails to myself bcc just to make sure it actually sends.
    I prefer being open about the cc in favor of hiding it with bcc.
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    Good day:

    The most professional method would be in writing (a letter); and if able to deliver in person.

    Email receipt is not guaranteed; and sending yourself a copy does not guarantee the person(s) on the other end received the email. Keep in mind spam filters often catch valid email as much as real spam; and not everyone checks their spam folders.

    Thank you.
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    If this is someone with whom you're already exchanging e-mails then I think the spam filter isn't much of a concern. You'll be able to tell that they read it by simply closing with an inquiry of some sort.

    It's really not that big a deal but I'm pretty much sold out on going paperless and wireless in everything that I do.

    Most employers take applications only via online or e-mail and are perfectly comfortable receiving communication in this fashion.
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    I think you've pretty much got your mind made up, good luck.

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