Do you get your final exam grade?

  1. My nursing program does not give back or go over exams. I get that. But now they are telling us they don't give our final exam grade either. That I don't understand. How do your programs work?
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  3. by   Meriwhen
    Both of my programs used/use Blackboard, so every test and assignment grade including the final is posted.

    Now whether we can go back and argue over a grade is another story...the ADN program would let us go over the other tests, but never the final exam. The only exception made was for students who were on the border of passing the course; if you had a B and were hoping to scrounge a couple more points for an A, you were SOL.

    So far, the BSN program won't let us do either.
  4. by   May2011Grad
    We are allowed to see and have test reviews of all of our exams including rationales Final exams included.
  5. by   Nurse Connie
    We use blackboard too, all of our exam grades are posted, except the final exam. When my classmate asked about it, she was told they don't give out the final exam grade. She didn't think her final grade made sense so she pressed the issue and got her grade and lo and behold, they made a mistake! She should have gotten an A- instead of the B+ they posted.

    May2011Grad- you are very lucky you get to go over exams and rationales!
  6. by   TheSquire
    My program posts final exam grades and uses blackboard as well, but half the time the grades page is such a mess you still need to jot down the results, consult the syllabus, and compute your grade the old-fashioned way with a calculator (or just wait for grades to be posted). That's also assuming that the grades for your class get posted (which, for some of the 'grad' classes for my grad-entry program, isn't a safe bet). However, given your other grades and the course syllabus, you should be able to do some simple algebra and figure out your final exam grade (assuming your instructor didn't adjust grades to get their grade mix right). If it seems like you missed more than you thought you did, by all means go and challenge it like your friend did.