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  1. by   TRINI_RN
    I wouldn't say that I hate clinicals. However, there was one rotation that I dreaded waking up for every morning. My instructor was great, the patients were wonderful.......but, the people that worked on the floor were horrible! As soon as the found out they had "students" alot of the Nurses and CNA's dissapeared and left us out there on our own. Never mind we each had 2-3 patients and only one instructor between the 7 of us. Some of the staff was so mean to us, one Nurse even told me "I am not here to teach, you need to go find your instructor" when I asked her a question about something in the chart of one of her/my patients. There were some people that were a pleasure to work with, but almost all of them were resource/float nurses. When it was all said and done I breathed a sigh of relief, and when it was time to evaluate the floor I wrote a very long statement. I outlined all of the bad, and the good that happened.
  2. by   danh3190
    I was lucky to have one rotation at the end of MedSurg that was the opposite of 2bNurseCadet's. I actually heard the nurses talking among themselves and being happy that they had students assigned to their patients. Granted, on the 3rd rotation we weren't that much of a burden on them and maybe we were even saving them some time, but it did feel good to be wanted.