DeSales University Accelerated BSN '14-'15

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    Hey everyone!

    I just received my acceptance letter to DeSales to start next May '14! I figured I'd start this topic to see who else has been accepted. Right now I'm living in Boston but I grew up in the Allentown area and will be obviously moving back in the next few months for the program!

    Very excited to meet everyone!


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    I also got accepted! I am still working on pre-reqs though and need to make sure they are done in time because I am still taking them spring semester so it will be cutting it close. I am from NY but did my undergrad right by DeSales. I am still waiting to hear back from other schools but they do not reply until March. Waiting is never fun!
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    Hi! My name is Amanda. I've also been accepted to DeSales for May 2014. I just need to take a CLEP test for Developmental Psych. I received my undergraduate degree in biology from East Stroudsburg University this past May. I'll be commuting from the Poconos. I'm so excited for May and look forward to meeting future classmates.
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    Awesome!! Are you definitely going to DeSales or will you wait and see? I'm going to be moving right by DeSales by the end of this year and taking my one last pre-req in the spring.

    I hear ya with the waiting game, no fun!!
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    @awilliamsesu I'm so excited to meet everyone as well!!
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    I'll definitely be attending. DeSales was my top choice program since it's a commutable distance and I love the hospitals in the area.
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    Turns out I do not have the correct chem pre-req and I have no time to fit it in before the program starts. Also, the program starts literally the next day of finishing my pre-reqs which I am not so sure I like the idea of. Looks like it won't work out for me :/ Hopefully i will getin just as easily to the other schools I applied to. It is unfortunate it did not work out with all the other science courses I have taken Where else did you guys apply?
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    Sorry to hear that, KLane! Did you apply to any programs that start in August instead of May?

    I also applied to PSU Altoona, Edinboro and Bellarmine in Kentucky, but I'm very happy I get to stay local at DeSales.
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    Yes I did! And no other schools require that specific of a chem so I hopefully will get into one of them. I will still finish the same time if I get into one of them because it is only 12 months! DeSales said they will hold my application for next year though. Just sucks to have to possibly wait for another year.
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    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, KLane!
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