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college minors (nursing major)

  1. 0 does anyone have a minor, and if so, in what field? why did you choose that minor?

    (i'm debating between sociology and child development/family studies for my minor)

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    I have a psychology minor.
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    I got a minor in psychology because it only required taking 2 more psych classes on top of all the ones that were required for my BSN. I figured, why not? I got to pick the classes, too, which was fun because the ones for the nursing program were pretty cut and dry.

    In most areas of the country, Spanish would be a good minor.
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    My minor is economics, only because I majored in economics for the my first 2 years of College then switched to Nursing. (just needed to take Econometrics and Macro Theory)
    Besides that, do you have a field that you would chose second to nusing?
    Any of the general education requirement courses catch your eye? - Feel it and chose whats best for you
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    I went to school many years ago and did not get a minor because my school did not offer "minors" as an option in anything. You either met the requirements for a second major or you didn't. I was only 2 courses short of a second major in political science, but couldn't squeeze them into my schedule.

    I always regretted that I didn't have the "minor" option. If would recommend that any student who has that option, to take it -- and get that extra credential in a second field, preferably in a field that relates to your area of interest.

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    I think you should get your minor in something like Spanish or maybe something easy like physics. A second language is always helpful. And what's a few more science classes at this stage of the game...
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    thanks for your replies everyone

    after some consideration, i think i'm going to do child development and family studies. i want to specialize in pediatrics as an RN/NP, and then eventually become an attorney in family law. it seems that minor would be the most beneficial compared to sociology (i have no idea what i would do with that).

    if anyone else can offer any other insight, i would definitely look into it.