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  1. by   SweetOldWorld
    Quote from medsurg911

    The truth is, I am extremely focused and good at multitasking. I never lagged behind and always got my charting done on time. I've seen some of the nurses make some pretty big mistakes like allowing a colonoscopy bag to break open on the patient b/c it got too full and one nurse even wanted to start up the NG tube again right after giving meds. I never said anything to them or my instructor about it.

    What is a colonoscopy bag? And what do other nurses' errors (if those even are errors) have to do with you?

    Especially if more than one person is expressing concern, best to listen to what they're saying and learn. It's too bad your instructor didn't give you specific examples. Maybe you could speak with some of the nurses you worked with to get a better idea about their perceptions? Maybe you could speak with your instructor again? After all, none of us were there...

    How much clinical experience will you get in this accelerated program, anyway? Do you think it's going to be enough?
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    Quote from SweetOldWorld
    What is a colonoscopy bag? And what do other nurses' errors (if those even are errors) have to do with you?
    i think she meant colostomy.
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    I couldn't understand my fellow nursing students, they were talking with their mouths full while eating their young.

    Yes, colostomy bag.

    What do other nurses have to do with me? Well, since they are instructing me and reporting with me on the same patient, and I'm charting on their patients, I think they have an awful lot to do with me.

    Accelerated does not entail fewer clinical rotations.

    I can't listen to what someone is saying if their not saying anything. "Air-head" isn't exactly what an intelligent person would call constructive criticism.

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    Quote from medsurg911
    The way our clinical is set up, we have no time to review the patient's records before we go in to see them. We have to hurry, get the report and get in to do morning care before the instructor comes around to assist in administering meds. It's pretty rushed.

    Here's the problem. I can't imagine doing it this way as a student. You're still learning. For your school to not designate time for the students to read the chart prior to caring for the patient is just a bad idea nad puts you at a disadvantage. I'm sorry your school does it that way. Perhaps you could talk to your instructor about this issue and see if you could come early that morning/or hte night before to peruse the chart?
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    I know, I thought of that too. I don't like not having the pt chart the night before. We get it just before we do morning care and God forbid the pt needs to use the bed pan, then there's not enough time to have those meds administered by 9am and you get yelled at for lagging behind. We have to write our med descriptions while getting the report from the RN. Monday was our last day of clinical so hopefully next semester it will be more organized.

    This is off topic, but, is it a bad idea to date a classmate who I'll be in the same classes with for the next year and a half? I think I already know the answer to that. Don't poop where you eat, right? lol!
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    I meant to say they're, not their. I shouldn't post when I'm running on no sleep.