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Hi everyone, This is my first post although I come to these forums often when I feel like I need some enlightening myself on other matters and have received a lot of constructive, intelligent, and helpful input from these... Read More

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    I know, I thought of that too. I don't like not having the pt chart the night before. We get it just before we do morning care and God forbid the pt needs to use the bed pan, then there's not enough time to have those meds administered by 9am and you get yelled at for lagging behind. We have to write our med descriptions while getting the report from the RN. Monday was our last day of clinical so hopefully next semester it will be more organized.

    This is off topic, but, is it a bad idea to date a classmate who I'll be in the same classes with for the next year and a half? I think I already know the answer to that. Don't poop where you eat, right? lol!

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    I meant to say they're, not their. I shouldn't post when I'm running on no sleep.

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